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         Studio Lesson Policy 

 Studio Policy  for  Lisa M. Jones                 www.lmjmusic.com

All fees must be prepaid in full upon registration in order to secure a spot.  Missed lessons are the student's responsibility and can not be refunded. 

Lessons are once a week.  Students are enrolled in lessons during the school year from September through to June, beginning after Labour Day.  Late registrants will pay a prorated cost based on the number of classes remaining in the year.  Lessons are offered in the summer for those wishing to continue the year's progress.

Tuition Payments.  There are 3 Sessions from September to June.  3 Post-dated cheques are collected upon registration.  Parents will be notified of the term dates prior to the first lesson.  Tuition reserves your exclusive lesson time.  Tuition does not include music books.  All fees are non-transferable, and are G.S.T. and H.S.T. exempt.  Cheques are made payable to Lisa M. Jones.  Lessons fees are as follows: 

30 minute/private lesson $35          45 minute/private lesson $50      60 minute/private lesson $60        60 minute/trio lesson $312 for 12 lessons     

60 minute/group lesson $264 for 12 group lessons, piano, band, guitar         45 minute/group lesson $240 for 12 group lessons Orff Music for Children

N.S.F. cheques.  $30 is charged for non-sufficient cheques.  If payment is not received by the second lesson of the term the teacher may withhold instruction until payment is received.

Termination.  Written receipt of withdrawal is required for any refund to be issued.  Once enrolled, one full session must be completed before ending the program.  Withdrawals must be made before the second lesson of each session to notify withdrawal of the next session.  No refunds will be issued after the second lesson.  No refunds are given for student absences.  I reserve the right to remove any student from the teaching schedule who does not meet the requirements of the studio policy.

Rescheduling private lessons.  Two weeks advance notice is required for planned vacations, school activities, and conflicts.  If advance notice is given when a student is ill a make-up lesson may be scheduled at the teacher's availability.  Last minute cancellations and no-shows will be forfeited.

Non-Students.  Students who are not registered with Lisa M. Jones are not allowed in the studio during lessons. 

Suggested equipment.  Students must have an instrument at home to practice on. 

Required books.  All students must purchase the required books for lessons and bring them to each lesson.

Practice Guidelines and Recitals.  Daily practice is expected.  Practice within the first 24 hours of a lesson is most important.  Recitals are part of the curriculum.  Students who have been absent from lessons for two or more weeks before the given recital date may not participate in any recital.

Instructors and lesson changes.  Lisa M. Jones reserves the right to make instructor changes at any time.  In the event that a teacher is absent due to illness, performance or professional development a teacher from the staff will cover the lessons or reschedule the lessons.

Publicity.  Lisa M. Jones reserves the right to photograph students during lessons and performances and to include pictures on promotional materials, the L.M.J. Music website and/or the L.M.J. Music Facebook and email news.  Should you object to the use of your photo or your child's photo, please indicate your choice on the main Registration Form when signing up.

Any Policy changes will be posted online.

I have read and fully understand the Studio Policy for Lisa M. Jones as stated above.

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I have read and fully understand the Studio Policy for Lisa M. Jones.

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