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Recorder Lessons

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Students learn on the Soprano Recorder (Baroque fingering).  They learn to read rhythmic notation and pitch notation on the Treble Clef Staff.  Learning to play the Recorder increases fine motor coordination!   As students progress they may later be introduced to the Alto Recorder. We teach Theory and Technique alongside of learning individual pieces, emphasizing the fundamentals of music.  Students have the opportunity to explore and create their own music.




Payment is collected upon registration in order to secure a lesson time. Parents will be notified of the term dates prior to the first lesson. There are no make-up lessons for missed group classes.

Group lessons:

Private lessons:

To sign up contact lisa@lmjmusic.com Please include the age of student, previous experience, and preferred lesson days and times.

Location: Hollis Avenue Home-Studio Scarborough

Meet our teacher: Lisa M. Jones

 There are no lessons on Labour Day Monday, Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 31st Halloween, Winter Break, Family Day Monday, Spring/March Break, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day Monday.

All students have the opportunity to participate in sharing music and performing for each other in our Community Concert Events.


The program has been in existence since 1993.  We are growing rapidly and we strive to always maintain a personalized and friendly atmosphere.

It is a fun learning environment and our teacher Lisa M. Jones will help share the gift of music among every child.

*Note: We also offer a holistic music program,  Music For Children  based on the Orff Philosophy that combines speech, movement, song, and instruments, for ages 3 and up.  The Soprano Recorder is introduced as the children progress.