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"Thank you, Lisa.  Last night was awesome because we downloaded some music and Olivia could read it and play the song.  I knew she was reading music but Jason was absolutely amazed how far she's come.  Thanks so much, it's great to see her learn, practice and make music!"


"Lisa loves to teach kids who want to learn and is flexible in teaching them what they are interested in but also ensuring they get the basics and more.  She also encourages their other talents and desires to learn.  And best of all - she makes it all fun."

Tricia Reid-parent

"It cannot be understated how much of my musical foundation comes from Lisa Jones' teaching.  As of now, I am finishing a degree in music, but those foundations have stuck with me throughout my degree.  Lisa teaches with compassion and care in her heart for the student as well as the music, and that love of music boosted my learning to the next level.  She provided a safe and welcoming space for me to create music without fear of judgement or failure.  Whatever I wanted to pursue, Lisa was there beside me to help and cheer me on.  Her passion transcends boundaries and welcomes all to experience the joy of music."

Kevin Woo, 4th year Music, McGill University, 2018. Started lessons with Lisa at the age of 5 in Orff Music for Children classes and continued through High School, learning Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Trombone and completing Royal Conservatory Advanced Theory Honours and Distinction.

"Lisa is an incredibily passionate teacher who is excellent at sharing her love for music with students.  She is able to teach not only musicianship or an instrument, but is able to breed creativity in her students, and knows how to push them to think outside the box.  Lisa is good at her craft, and her ability to pass that on to her students makes her a wonderful teacher."

David Park, 2nd year, Music, York University.  Studied Piano with Lisa (improvisation, popular and classical) and completed Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Theory Honours with Distinction.

"LMJ Music is a fantastic place to take music lessons.  Whether you're picking up an instrument for the first time or preparing for testing.  Mrs. Jones provides a great learning environment where people of all ages and musical backgrounds can learn to play a variety of instruments ranging from guitar to piano as well as a wide range of music types raning from jazz and blues to classical and pop.  Her lessons are always easy to understand and tailored to the individual.  LMJ Music also provides a great opportunity to meet and network with likeminded individuals of all ages.  This is further fostered with the two yearly recitals where you can play in both groups and individually and give back to the community as the venues range from old age homes to churches.

A lot of people say that they would rather just learn to play an instrument on their own so that they can save money, but it is hard to know where to start.  Mrs. Jones provides lessons to people of all musical backgrounds and you learn at your own pace.  The lessons start very generally then they become tailored to what you really want to learn.  This provides you with a great music base so that you can play and understand a huge variety of music that you may not have been introduced to before as well as learning whiche types of music really interest you. 

I have taken 8 years of music lessons with Mrs. Jones.  Throughout my tenure, I have learned to play three different instruments; paino, guitar and recorder.  I had taken lessons at other places before coming to LMJ Music, but I had quit because they were very impersonal and I had almost given up on learning to play music.  I have played music at a variety of vanues for a variety of audiences both by myself and in groups and have made many great memories that I will carry with me throughout my life.  I cannot speak highly enoug about LMJ Music, it was a life changing experience for me."

Sincerley, Michael Hack, 3rd Year, Biochemestry, McMaster, 2018.