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We are all about music-making! We enhance skills for making music in the moment. Music brings us joy and wellness.

We teach Theory and Technique alongside of learning individual pieces, emphasizing the fundamentals of music. 

Students explore, discover and create their own music.  We use a series of books from Alfred's Basic Piano Library that stresses intervallic reading of notes.  

Students play a variety of styles from folk to classical and pop. 

As students progress, we can prepare them for RCM practical performance and Theory exams.

We enrich traditional music methods with activities that include:

Experiencing and exploring music in the whole body provides a fun and fundamental ability needed in all musicians. 

 Students develop an internalized relationship between gross and fine motor skills. 

Our Piano Program provides opportunities for Students to build on skills from the age of 6 through University Music

preparation and Adulthood.


Registration Piano lessons are currently being offered online


 L.M.J. Registration Form


Payment is collected upon registration in order to secure a lesson time.

Parents will be notified of the term dates prior to the first lesson.  12 Week Sessions.

There are no make-up lessons for missed lessons. 

To sign up contact lisa@lmjmusic.com Please include age of student, previous experience, if you want private

or group and preferred lesson days and times.






Meet our Teacher  Lisa M. Jones

 Location Scarborough and Norland, Coboconk, Kinmount, Kirkfield, Minden, Haliburton

There are no lessons on Labour Day Monday, Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 31st Halloween, Winter Break,

Family Day Monday, Spring/March Break, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day Monday.

Students have the opportunity to participate in sharing music and performing for each other in our Recitals.


Purchasing a Keyboard?

If you are planning on purchasing a keyboard there are a few things to consider:

Own an Acoustic Piano?

How long has it been since it has been tuned?  An Acoustic piano must be tuned at least once a year!  

Why do we suggest starting piano lessons at the age of 6 or older?

In order to begin piano lessons the child must know something about reading, recognizing numbers 1 through 5, know Alphabet letters A through G, know something about taking direction, and must be able to sit still for about 10-15 minutes while focusing. Students can develop basic musicianship skills such as beat keeping, clapping rhythms, understanding musical elements such as pitch high and low, tempo fast and slow, form AB and gross motor skills in our Orff Music for Children classes.