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Meet the Teacher

Celebrating 24 years of teaching in the community!

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Lisa M. Jones is an improviser and music teacher.  She loves to share music with others, whether it be through teaching or performing.  Ms. Jones has over 24 years teaching experience.  She encourages participation in active music-making for all ages. Ms. Jones runs an extensive private music teaching business where she teaches over 50 students a week, ranging from young beginners to students preparing for R.C.M. examinations and University Music programs.

 Ms. Jones teaches:

Lisa M. Jones is an Elementary Music Specialist.  Ms. Jones received her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Degree from York University and graduated on the Deans Honour Roll.  Her studies were focused on Piano Improvisation and Contemporary Styles with Casey Sokol and Elementary Music Education. In addition, Ms. Jones has completed her Orff Music for Children Level I, II, and III certification at the Royal Conservatory of Music and is a member of Carl Orff Canada.  Ms. Jones continues to participate in Professional Development Teacher workshops including: Orff Masterclass with Doug Goodkin, Orff workshops, Early Childhood Music Association, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics workshops and classes.  Ms. Jones is a member of the Early Childhood Music Association.

In addition to her studies at York University, Jones  has continued to study music privately. She continues to develop her personal musicianship skills in piano, guitar, trombone, African hand-drumming, and recorder.   Ms. Jones equally enjoys teaching and performing different musical styles including pop, classical and blues. 


Jones has played the trombone since the age of 10 and has played in a 12 piece Big Band called the Isotones. 

Lisa M. Jones was born on April 11, in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She enjoys spending time with her dogs.    



Lisa M. Jones has independently produced a C.D. of solo piano improvisations titled "Understanding" that was recorded in March 1997 by York Alumnae Lisa Patterson at Imaginit Creative Arts Space (Toronto, Ontario). She wanted to do these recordings so that she could share her music with friends, family, and students.  It is one hour in length.     Sound/piano.aif

In March 1999 Jones did her second Live DAT recording in front of an audience.  It was recorded in Dacary Hall at York University.    It is all original piano improvisations one hour in length.  CD titled "Capacity".             


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Scarborough, Ontario


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