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 Lisa's Favourite Sites:

Music Theory

Learn the fundamentals of Music. Includes Lessons and Exercises, especially Interval Ear Training.  The Staff, Clefs, Measures, Time Signatures, Meter, Key Signatures, Scales, Note Duration, Rest Duration, Dots and Ties, Intervals, Chords, Phrases and Cadences, Chord Progressions, and Harmony.

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

SFS kids is a great site for children of all ages to visit!  You can learn about all of the instruments of the Symphony Orchestra, their History, what they look like, and you can even hear what they sound like!  There is also a Music Lab where you learn about the basic of music, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, symbols, and instrumentation.  You can even compose your own music!!

Ear Training Intervals 

Practice identifying ascending and or descending intervals!  Great for those taking RCM practical exams!

The Piano Keyboard  

Practice identifying notes on the keyboard and the staff!

Musical Instruments

Learn about different instruments what they look like, how they sound!

Reading Music

 Almost all you need to know about reading music!

Lawrence Gowan

This site has so much information about Lawrence Gowan the Canadian Musician, Songwriter, and Performer.  Check out this site and you can see who it is that has a strong influence and inspiration on Lisa M. Jones.

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Free Play

Book titled "Free Play Improvisation in Life and the Arts" Stephen Nachmanovitch.  Check out the section on This book is about.....