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 L.M.J. Music Group Music lessons in Scarborough

     Play Explore Discover Learn!


Experience the joy in music-making!

 We emphasize the fundamentals of Music as well as encourage  

                   Exploration and Creativity!


   Choose your class:

                            Piano       Orff Music for Children     

                  Djembe Drumming      Recorder      Guitar     

              Band Instruments      Summercamp 


Some of our students are interested in recreational music-making and others go on to be musicians, educators or work in the music business.

Yes there is a Trampoline in the Music Studio!

And hoops, scarves and balls.  All used to develop and explore the connections of Time, Space and Energy.  Improving the development of basic musicianship skills - beat, memory in time, focus, concentration, phrasing, sequencing, intention and preparation.  Presenting with an internalized relationship between fine and gross motor skills, and important associations among gesture, articulation and rhythm.  Feeling, Moving and Seeing. 

Experiencing and exploring music in the whole body provides a fun and fundamental ability needed in all musicians.

  Making Music Enhances:

  • Self-confidence and esteem
  • Self-expression
  • Goal Setting
  • Gross and Fine Motor Coordination
  • Memory Skills
  • Concentration
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • A connection of Effort and Success
  • Understanding other Cultures
  • Communications
  • Language Skills
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality of Life

Music experiences are vital to the day-to-day development of every child.

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